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ask for her number (good) Bonus pictures: p?goendingbonus_xxx Rankings: Armageddon, score prive escort nijmegen 500 Epic disaster, score 1000 Bad date, score 1500 Nothing special, score 2000 Enjoyable moments, score 2500 A date to remember, score 3300 Ultimate date, score 3300. Kinkykiri 2015.02.16, i love this game its amazing. I love the graphics and dialogs. Say she looks like a million dollar girl (bad). Massage her pussy (bad remove dress from her boobs (good) (on her right shoulder and below). Redhotd 2014.05.09 Good game! Ivan Knox 2014.05.19 Great game and beauty girl, but short history kristin121 2014.05.10 the game is good but short and small. Ask what she does for living (good). Loverboy71 2014.06.29 awesome game good graphics and sexy looking lady. I do well as a music producer (bad).

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Great game very amazing! Offer her champagne (good ask if she likes strawberries (good). Click on the banner below for more games by the same team: Walkthough for My sex kinly sex date Paula. My sex date Paula is a dating game for adult. Touch her face and kiss her (good). Brandt228 2015.02.23 really great graphics great story i like it very much. SP 2019.01.17, a great game with incredible graphics, but. You smiled, she smiled back and that was all it took. Click on the thumbnail above to play and click on read more for a walkthrough for "My sex date Paula". Ahhhhhahhhhahhhahhhahhh Pier De Maolo 123 2014.05.25 I love this game, the graphics are great shean2002 2014.05.20 great game nice graphics very nice lady. Jackman2011 2015.01.17, great game and beauty girl, but little short history ozzywolf 2014.11.02, this game was realy good all sounds from girl sounds like it come from real life.

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